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I, Karla Medina, the owner of Sudor Taino Group Fitness would like to introduce my ideology of “Fitness & Life with Passion” to you as it is our reason for existence. Our name is different, just as we are.  It derives from the word “sweat” in Spanish and offers honor to my ancestors, the Taino Indian Tribe.  As I have never fit into any particular mold in fitness, I was able to combine my years of experience with the different genres of fitness exercises, music and dance to bring you a totally different approach to fitness. We are a small group fitness studio that was developed to enhance people’s individual journeys towards health, fitness and life while offering support and superior motivation.  Sudor Taino offers innovative instruction in different areas of fitness with guidance from our awesome team. Our informative and innovative methods, supportive environment, and most of all our passion to stay fit and choose a healthy lifestyle, creates a unique vibe at Sudor Taino Group Fitness. calling ourselves, the “Vibe Tribe”.  Sudor Taino’s ® name and mark is a registered Trademark. Ultimately, it is our mission to find what moves you!  Our reward is being a part of your journey and observing each individual transformation.  We are confident that as a result of your experience with our awesome workouts and positive synergy, that you will discover your authentic self, personal passions, ambitions and the warrior within.  This is where it can all begin for you. We pride ourselves on providing people a judgment-free environment that elevates everyone to higher level.  Let us help boost your self-love and passion for fitness and life!

Authorized facilitators of The GROOVE®, Named the 2013 ECA World Fitness Winner of the “So U Think You Can Present” Competition & Named the 2014 Entrepreneur of the Year by the Latinas & Power Symposium.


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Come get your GOOD workout on! We promise you will hate it when you are doing it but love it when you are done! Classes start whenever you can get there! ... See MoreSee Less

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You know that you can push harder to eat better and get your workouts in! We need you to stay strong on the journey to a healthier you! Join us for classes today in our space of strong support and motivation! ... See MoreSee Less

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Amanda Has extended the invitation to her birthday event to all members.
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I am a realist and I know that the journey to a healthier you can sometimes be completely consuming and frustrating! All I can tell you is don't give up, all the good choices you are making will add up, they will calibrate and you will see results. We hope to see you for classes today! ... See MoreSee Less

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