Our Mission & Ideology

Our Mission Is One of Noble Power

Sudor Taino ® is an exceptional Fitness Studio, recognized for its passion, energy, unique fitness ideology and the creator’s of an authentic fitness experience, making us the authority in group fitness.

We aim to inspire our members with unparalleled passion, unrivaled energy, and fitness knowledge available to help our members achieve their fullest potential. Sudor Taino Group Fitness remains noble to its mission, as we guide individuals in cultivating themselves through their very our sweat and tears. Giving up does not exist within our walls and can never be an option to any of our participants. Sudor Taino, as the name reveals is one of noble power. “Sudor” means sweat in Spanish while “Taino” refers to the Taino Indian tribe that settled the native island of Puerto Rico. “Taino” alone means “good” mor specifically “noble” and it is important to acknowledge that the Taino’s remained noble while cultivating their land with their sweat and tears. This is the foundational inspiration for our workouts.  Noble Sweat represents hard work, determination, passion, and energy.

Sudor Taino has dedicated its mission to creating a life changing workout experience for people of all ages, sizes and fitness levels. The Sudor Taino workout regimen is based on the personal philosophies of the fitness guru Karla C. Medina, who has meshed her life’s work, fitness, tactics, dance routines, philosophies, gifts, and educational experiences to deliver more than just the average fitness workout to her participants. She enlightens individuals with the tools they need to unleash the authentic energy, passion and explore in loving themselves to the yummy center. Indeed, Sudor Taino is a realistic approach to fitness. Our innovative approach and relationship with the 4 elements inspires individuals to exude their inner and outer physical radiance.

Karla further founded her ideology on the supreme elements of earth, air, fire, and water;


Based on the element of “Earth” is the “survival instinct” concept that allows all of us to stand firm within our inner warrior to create a conscious state of fighting against daily stresses we face by utilizing an aggressive approach to exercise.  This is an integral part of a healthy flow to remain “down to earth” by creating a healthy way to release aggression.  We often associate this element with our kickboxing workouts.


Based on the element of “Air” is the concept of “purposeful movement” which significantly reminds us to reflect on our inner dancer or child.  The wind beneath our wings should be drawn out by the emotions from the heart as is it associated with that chakra.  Any dance movement in Sudor Taino workouts are completely inspired by the energy in the air and are not choreographed and are simply created by the synergy of the participants.  Simple, modern dance and/or cultural moves that are authentic to the Taino and Puerto Rican culture may be used as part of this concept.


Based on the element of “Fire” are references to heat, energy and the metabolic system.  The need to fire up the body and push the body to its individual limits, hormones that are associated with “runner’s high” and the chakra housed in your navel.  During Sudor Taino workouts you will experience a build-up of lactic acid throughout your body generated by muscle failure and exhaustion.  This creates a “fire” throughout your body which ignites the same inner yummy feeling achieved from eating a deliciously satisfying meal.  This element we often associate with exercises done in an interval format or doing the same exercises slow and then later fast as these methods are known to fire up the body.


Based on the element of “Water” is the concept of “change” which reminds us to respect our inner flow.  Humans just like water have many different physical and mental states from day to day.  Acknowledging this fact, we must nurture the basic need to love, respect and cool our authentic bodies throughout our life’s changes and process.  Water is associated with the chakra that houses motivation which is provided throughout the every Sudor Taino workout. This element is often associated with our urgency create a directional change to the body’s flow within a Sudor Taino workout by holding the position of a particular exercise.  Each workout is then ended with the Hindu greeting “Namaste”-used for its foundational meaning of, the light in me reflects the light in you.  In a repetitious manner this works to alter the negative thoughts of one’s body, life and future.

Sudor Taino ® Workouts promote “Breathing Fitness and Life with Passion“.