Sudor Taino Must-Haves

All of these products are strongly suggested to those that join our nutrition program OPERATION DROP IT & are generally recommended to our tribe as we want everyone to achieve optimal results.

 Karla is an affiliate of 361 Sneakers and is practically the only brand she uses on the workout floor.  For direct buying and more options go to 361 website and use code: SUDOR361 for a super discount!

Karla also owns Ryka sneakers and they are near and dear as they were her only floor sneakers for many years.  The Enhance are still her favorites.  For 20% off, click here: RYKA


Gloves-Protect yourself from bloody knuckles after a Hit the pads class when you buy these handy dandy gloves.  Hand protection is required for all Hit classes and can be worn for weight and bootcamp classes as well.

Energy Fuel made my Twin Lab-lower in caffeine and doesn’t have all the junk the other energy drinks do-this was my go to when I was not drinking coffee and needed a boost!

Fit Body Strong 8 lbs Weight Set-This weight set is recommended to those who participate in the Fitbody Strong Challenge Program.  They are necessary for each session and homework requirements.  We believe Cap barbells are the best.

Starter Weight Set-This set is recommended to those who join Operation Drop It in an effort for them to complete exercise challenges and paybacks at home without having to lift heavy weights.  You cant beat the price for the weights and the stand.  We believe Cap barbells are the best.

Sweet Sweat Belt-Want help with your mid section? We find that enhancing metabolic burn from the outside-in can be an amazing help and we have seen the results! We recommend using the a sweat belt.

Sweet Sweat Gel-Want to enhance results buy the accompanying gel for optimal results.

Vitamin B-Want help with energy levels in a natural way?  We are a fan of Vitamin B drops and shots but these are easy to get a hold of and you get more for your money.


Bio-Freeze-This is our second choice but we do love applying this before guided stretches, personal stretches, bed and massages.

Epsum Salt-Bath soaks are highly recommended pre and post workouts and post a Guided Stretch Session.

Glucosamine-Want help with your tendons, ligaments and joints recover quicker from hard core workouts?  We believe that including this supplement in your daily regimen will help you immensely.

Icy Hot Single or Icy Hot Multi-Pack– Karla and Carli love this spray! We find that the cream is good and the patches are good but the spray is great and it keeps your hands from smelling.  The spray can be applied before workouts and help heat up problem areas instantaneously.  And, the spray is unlike the patches which are known to move during workouts.


3 Day Fresh Start-If you are looking for a 3 day juice cleanse, we recommend this particular brand.  We always recommend a cleanse prior to starting Operation Drop It.  Most people elect a juice cleanse and/or an Apple Cider Vinegar Cleanse.  We also recommend these juices as part of your daily regimen as a snack and/or meal when desired or needed.

Apple Cider Vinegar-Nothing beats belly bloat and burns fat like ACV!  We recommend it as part of our daily regimen on Operation Drop It because it works!  We also recommend a 3 day ACV Cleanse.

Apple Cider Vinegar Pills -Can’t take the acidity of ACV.  Well the ACV pills are not as potent but we believe that they do help keep the bloat to a minimum and are offered as an alternative to the shot of vinegar.

Detox Salt Bath-We recommend these baths along with a 3 day cleanse.

Magnesium-This is a natural supplement which we know works and helps ease digestion.

Nature’s Calm– Don’t like taking pills, this you can add to a drink and works to ease digestion.

Oxypowder-This is made with magnesium and we know this works and more than helps ease digestion.


It Starts with Food-This book is highly recommended when signing up for our Operation Drop It Program and even for those that join are tribe and are looking to change their eating habits for the better.  For info on Operation Drop  It, click here.

Kombucha-This is our alternative to soda and water.  Kombucha is an acquired test and has many other health benefits.

Lacoix Sparking Water-our alternative to soda and a way to keep us carbonated when we need it!  Try the variety pack so that you can find what flavor you like best.

The Whole 30-The 30 day Guide to Food Freedom-This book digs deeper into the Wh ole 30 regimen and offers follow-up, recipes and more. For info on Operation Drop it Click here.

Water bottle-This bottle helps you track your water and glows when its time to hydrate.  For me, water intake has always been an issue and this definitely helps!


Apple Slicer-An apple a day keeps the doctor away and it is an easy snack to keep you on track with your weight loss goals and Whole 30 Living.  We recommend getting an an apple slicer so that your snack is always ready!  Sprinkle with cinnamon and yo are golden!

Portion Control Containers-These containers are dishwasher safe, freezer safe, microwave safe, they are compartmentalized and portioned-most all all they are cheap and must have to keep you prepped and ready to face each day!

Vegetti-This tool helps with making healthy spaghetti form squash and zucchini!  It is such an awesome way to have pasta but skip on the carbs!

HELP WITH SNACKS: Her is a short list of our go to snacks on the Whole 30 and the ones that we know to be best and which aid your weight loss process.

Lara Bars– We suggest getting the sampler first so that you do not end up with Lara Bars you do not like.

RX Bars-These are the next in line and we suggest the sampler as well.

Justin’s Almond Butter– is our go to snack before workouts, regular snack and good in shakes as well.  We like the packs for east transport and consumption.


Body Fat Scale-This particular scale is cheap and it tracks everything from weight to body fat and more!  Keep yourself honest and innovated with this scale that downloads info to your phone!

Fit Bit Blaze-We have found this to be our favorite in tracking  results and being the most accurate although we believe that the burn created during isolation exercises does not appear.

Water bottle-This bottle helps you track your water and glows when its time to hydrate.  For me, water intake has always been an issue and this definitely helps!

Please contact us if you have any questions and/or need guidance on your weight loss journey!