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The life of Karla C. Medina is indeed a message. Karla was born and raised in Hartford in a single parent household.  She excelled in sports and academics in school and went on to college during the midst of Hartford’s notorious gang wars.  Since then she has flourished in many facets.  She holds many local, national, book publication, choreography, creative direction, backstage theater, organizing/judging talent and beauty competitions credits and is known for her many talents including, creative web design, event planning, innovative business vision and public relations approach. Karla has often captivated many audiences when recruited as a motivation/guest speaker due to her life’s versatility and fluency in both Spanish and English.

Karla is a 20-year veteran, retired Police Sergeant of the Hartford Police Department and considered an expert in gang violence. Her work experience includes being a patrol officer, undercover task force officer, Detective within the Major Crimes Division and the Intelligence (Firearms, Gangs and Dignitary protection) Division, Sergeant, Supervisor of a Mid-shift Street Crimes Unit, and Sergeant, supervisor of the Police Activities League (PAL) and Supervisor in Patrol and Detention. Karla pioneered the PAL division and it blossomed to serve over hundreds of city youth.  Karla is also a certified physical fitness instructor and other police related areas by the Police Officer’s Training Council.  She chaired the Hartford Police Awards committee, was active in academy instruction and held three terms as the President of the Connecticut Association of Women Police among other positions within the organization.

She has her B.S. in Business Management and her Master’s Degree in Public Policy along with numerous other certifications and trainings.  Karla also volunteers and serves many adults and children in many ways throughout the year by conducting workshops on body image, self-motivation, field days, team building, mentoring programs and leadership challenges for people of all ages.

Karla is an entrepreneur, founder of this small business, Sudor Taino ® Group Fitness which is dedicated to enhancing people’s individual journey towards health, fitness and life.  She has trademarked the name Sudor Taino and believes in an overall unique approach to living Fitness & Life with Passion.  Karla has been a certified group fitness, kickboxing instructor and trainer for over twenty years and holds many different certifications from AFSA, AFAA, IFA, Powerstrike, GROOVE and more, all related to Dance & Hip Hop Instruction, Group Fitness, Kickboxing, Bootcamps, Strength training, yoga, personal small and group fitness training.  She is also an official facilitator of THE GROOVE and GROOVE kids.  Her training and experience in helping people find the passion in their lives through fitness is what she called her life’s work and mission. She holds many certifications and has attended hundreds of workshops and master classes which support her wide range of experience and contribute to her unique blend of content, techniques and approaches. Her efforts in this field are reflective of her personal struggles with weight, body image, eating disorders, lack of support, self limiting beliefs, injuries, depression and life in general.  Karla is super involved with community issues including the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.  She is a member of boards and volunteer efforts within the Hartford Community and beyond.

Karla’s goal is to be a role model to people of all ages, shapes and sizes. Her plan is to continue to contribute to the progress of humankind by fostering the lives of everyone around her with her ideology of Fitness & Life with Passion.  

Quote she lives by, “Remember, We work for God”, by Lt. Commander Vernon Gerberth.  All of Karla’s workouts end with the Hindu greeting, NAMASTE. Our translation, the light in me reflects the light in you.

Recent Collaborations:  Puerto Rico Strong Missions Trip, Hurricane Relief Center Efforts, Fitbody Project with NESM Channel, Commercial for Mass Mutual, “The Sweetest Land” documentary.  Next: 2018 Divinely Fit Summit and Book Launch.

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