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Sudor Taino Group Fitness is not just another exercise studio, it is a support network that is dedicated to people of all ages, shapes and sizes with an innovative approach to people, passion, energy, fitness and life in general. Its 4-element ideology offers a variety of unique formats which have been known to create a life changing experience. Sudor Taino prides itself on its classes, workshops, lectures, seminars and on being able to customize packages for small/large groups of youth, adults, seniors and other special populations.  It is our goal to enrich the lives of as many people as we can today, tomorrow and in the future.

Sudor Taino’s classes derive from finding what moves each individual person.  We take the time to develop classes that are outside the box and challenge everyone’s unique application of movement.  Our classes have minimal choreography and focus more on repetitive motion in combination with different defining exercise moves.

Innovation: Our classes are designed to empower everyone that hits our floor with classes that are created to give you the best workout possible. Where else can you find classes like Yogaloxing (combination of kickboxing and yoga), Hot Pilates (Pilates to the hottest music), Power Boxing (contact kickboxing with pads and powerful meditation), Dance and Box, Step and High Energy Cardio Kickboxing, Power Bar, Balling (exercise and weighted balls), Self Defense/Tactics, Tribal Bootcamp, Flying Discs and so much more!  As a commitment to keeping things fresh the line-up & content of classes change every 2-3 months!

Hard Core Workouts: Most of our sessions are designed to foster growth in the many different exercise genres that exist. Utilizing creative concepts that derive from the Tabata style and regimented circuit workouts that are proven to work, our workouts will push everyone to their limits. We have adhered our programming to the scientific data that proves that these types of workouts maximize your health and fitness benefits in minimal time.  As part of our commitment to keep our fitness classes energetic and fresh, we are known to conduct a variety of different bootcamps which include: body bar, body bands, kettle ball, cardio, weights, intervals, circuits, kickboxing, steppers, jump ropes, running, individual/partner/group bootcamp classes. These bootcamps challenge all levels in strength, power, agility and stamina while meeting our clients where they are. These bootcamp-style and circuit classes are both indoors and outdoors.

bcRejuvenation: Although we want you to maximize your time and get sweaty workouts in, we also believe in lubricating your muscles and calming the mind, body and soul.  Each weekly line up will contain some sort of rejuvenation classes that are inspired by yoga, pilates, meditation, breathing or stretching.  We believe in always helping you find balance in and out of the studio!

Versatility: The genres of music range from Tribal, Old School and new Hip Hop, Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton, Rock, Top 40’s, Techno, Jazz, and more!  We are also the only facilitators of the THE GROOVE and GROOVE Kids in Connecticut.  These classes take the time to find what moves you which is extremely important to our personal growth and yours.  Remember, the way you move is reflective of the way you will live outside of the studio.  Come, unleash and find what moves you personally!

Specialty Classes: Some special classes are free to members and acts as a catalyst for new classes while others new members and networking while others bear a special charge due to the genre being outside of the studio scope.

Although it is true that many studios, gyms and facilities offer “cookie cutter workout regimens” meaning they use the same workout for all of their clients- it is also important to acknowledge that those programs work for those trainers and their clientele. However, at Sudor Taino we take pride and enjoy customizing workouts for each individual client.

train1Our Customized Training is based on meeting each client where they are mentally and physically. To some people getting the personal attention that is associated with 1-on-1 training will greatly improve their form, agility, stability and familiarity with the most effective exercises in fitness. Our training sessions are goal- oriented and by appointment only.  We do offer many different forms of customized training, including: Facetime/Skype Training, Online Live coaching, In-home service and in studio training.  We offer special discount rates for couple and/or small groups.

It is our goal to motivate you -but it also has to be your goal to ask for the support or push you need to achieve the next level within your process. Remember that each step you take will bring you one step closer to a healthier lifestyle while teaching you how to love your body and appreciate the results.

*Personal Assessment is a service initiated by the client which identifies your immediate and future goals. Measurements, photos are included as well as expert recommendations. Members may also purchase this as a guidance tool.

Sudor Taino has conducted many off-site exercise workshops, self-awareness seminars, corporate team building workshops, professional development and teacher trainings, motivating lectures/discussion forums, guest appearances, keynote/motivation speaker, women empowerment conferences, demonstrations, Stress reduction,  Basic self-awareness, guest judging, life coaching/physical workout conferences and has been a part of many collaborations that include marvelous work for people of all ages, shapes, genders sizes and ethnic backgrounds.  We participate in Health & Wellness Fairs,Expos, National & World Conventions as Sudor Taino is all about inspiring humankind.  Our workshops and presentations are always multi-faceted and customized according to the audience it is serving which may include youth, seniors and/or special populations.  We are here to make a difference one workshop at a time!jump

Karla also lends her services as a fitness program consultant, video choreographer/creative director and fitness instructor & trainer, as well as motivational speaker. Sudor Taino is often sought after for Run/walk warm-ups and event openers due to its un-paralleled energy.  Karla has worked in theater as backstage staff, talent shows, pageant judge, and a special event/project coordinator.  Karla is also very involved in community issues and the relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

The Recruit Prep Training Program is designed to help those individuals who in accordance with applying for employment to any local, state or federal law enforcement agency or correctional institution is preparing for the C.H.I.P (Complete Health & Injury Prevention) test and/or a similar physical assessment.

As with any rigorous physical fitness training program, please consult your physician to ensure that you have medical clearance to participate in this type of training.  Passing the assessment is only the first step getting into shape.  You will need to keep up in the academy and stay healthy to pass future assessments.

Includes: Assessments, 40 minutes sessions centered around personal requirement, self training, support network and nutrition consultation.  Additional Services: mock oral board & background investigation consultation.  This program has had a 100% success rate!  Don’t delay, contact us today to prepare for a test that could change your life!  Call 860-952-9015.

Sudor Taino has many programs to assist their clients with specific needs.

Guided Stretch Sessions are 30-35 minute sessions that encompass assisted full body stretching and breathing techniques that are modified for each client’s personal needs and limitations.  All selected exercises improve muscle health and function as well as help reduce the risk of injury, tension and stress associated with overuse, over training and strains.

fit0Fitbody Challenge are 45 minute sessions (usually 4 per month,monthly series) of bootcamp style interval training, Personalized target area training, Fit Assessment/Tests, Target Area Weekly Assignments, Target Area Measurements, 1 or 2 sessions per week options, Max 5/Min 3 per session and Time Slot Commitment.

Awareness Sessions are 30-35 minutes that encompass basic situational and body awareness techniques. From distraction methods to adrenaline control we cover elements that can with practice prepare you to deal with any threat.

Monthly Series are series that ae developed to target a certain area of training for clients to achieve higher levels in that particular fitness genre.  Examples of Series: Better Form Series and Kickbox Series Round 1.

Home of “Operation Drop” It where participants commit to dropping sizes, inches, pounds and internal & external weight!  Participants are entitled to: MEAL PLAN & Supporting Research, Dedicated Nutritional/Fitness Coaches who have experienced struggles with weight gain, unhealthy diets and exercise life but have succeeded in achieving their own personal goals. Customized advice based on our experience, your needs & goals. Connect, 1:1 in FB private group, via phone, text, e-mails & text reminders.

DropitSuccessONLINE SUPPORT: 24/7 Expert Chat; On the spot email evaluations, solutions & alternatives; On-demand support from our team; Instant answers and advice, 24/7; Motivation & Inspiration as needed; Helpful tips & recipes; Scheduled shopping trips, referrals for nutritional education; Customized home, modified or vacation workouts per request; Video tutorials and Weekly challenges.  Access to research, files and photo albums for suggestions.   Participants must be committed 100%.
PROGRESS MONITORING: Fit Client app progress monitoring; Confidential weigh-ins; Personal photo uploading; Team contests; and Email reminders for weigh-ins/missed weigh-ins, met/failed goals. Lifetime membership.

PHYSICAL TRAINING: Access to Sudor Taino library of online videos; 50% off one month of unlimited studio classes (if not a member); 50% off creating a small group training; 15 % off customized training & Fitbody Challenge.

PERSONALIZED APPOINTMENTS: Initial measurements, Q&A & goal orientation; follow up for measurements/progress evaluations upon exit and personalized journey poster upon exit. * All rights reserved by Sudor Taino®.   For questions, please call (860) 836-5858.

*Personal Assessments, Measurements & Meal Plans also sold separately.

youthInspiring Youth: Sudor Taino is dedicated to touching the lives of young children. Our goal is to find what moves them, help them find their passion and apply it to their lives by fostering them with the life skills they need to soar to their highest potential. The application of these tools can then help guide them to a higher purpose individually and their community collectively.  Our workshops include: Energetic dance and graceful stretch & meditation, Energy Dance & Motivational Workshop, Individual & Team Building Workshop, Self Defense/Awareness Workshops, Kickboxing & Life, Leadership through Movement, Leadership Groups, self-confidence exercises and team building, Meditation Class & Inspirational Talk & Stretch, Sabor Taino, Body Image Workshops, The Yin and the Yang of our Aggression’s, Real Talk Forums AND MUCH MORE!

Sudor Taino Youth Programs brochure, Youth Programs Brochure-Final.

Sudor Taino also participates in Sudor Taino Deeds which encompasses volunteer work, walks/run, drives, collections and donations: Adopt A Family for Christmas, Operation Faith Box, Support Jessica Courtright, Love your Heart Fundraiser, Puerto Rico Strong, Stronger After Maria, Puerto Rico Relief Center, Make Them Smile Effort, Sudor Taino Loves Houston Effort and more ongoing efforts!

To book Karla Medina and/or create a program that meets the needs of your organization/group, please call 860-952-9015.

*The only official facilitators of  GROOVE classes in Connecticut. GROOVE-LOGO_SEAL_black_on_white979

The integrity of our work rests with the organizations and clients we have touched over the years. We pride ourselves on the work we do with youth, young adults, adults and seniors.

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