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This program is dedicated to men & women of all ages that are looking to drop  sizes, inches, body fat %, internal & external weigh in minimal time.  DROP IT is a personalized strategic plan to get you to the healthiest you.  Just like in the law enforcement world, when something is serious, we call it an Operation.  Well,we are serious about helping you reach your goal  as we have assisted many others in meeting & surpassing theirs. As with everything, we ask that you commit 100% to this program and we promise to do the same in return.  With a solid partnership, we are certain that you will reach your goals and change your lifestyle for the better!  From September of 2015 to June 2016, the members of Drop It lost over 1,200 pounds!  Join us, its time to change your life!  Scroll down for photos of our success stories.<h1 style=”text-align: center;”><a href=”http://www.sudortaino.com/pounds-lost-for-little-black-dress-challenge/”><em>Click here for OPERATION DROP IT pounds ticker!</em></a></h1>

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OPERATION DROP IT – Newcomer (initial entry) $175.00 (1st month plus tax) & $75.00 month to month no contract thereafter.
The program entitles its participants to Includes meal plan, nutritional consult, measurements, photos, weigh-ins, spot checks, access to FIt Client app and monitoring, eligibility for prize and 1 month of the DROP IT Support group on Facebook, see OPERATION Drop it Support group description below for inclusions and exclusions. A month of unlimited can also be purchased at a 50% discounted rate!

DROPITPOSTEROPERATION DROP IT-Reentry  – Month to Month no Contract $75.00 per month plus tax
Operation Drop It’s Monthly Support Group Monthly Contract entitles its members to:

  • Dedicated Nutritional and Fitness Coaches who have experienced struggles with weight gain, unhealthy diets and exercise life but have succeeded in achieving their own personal goals
  • Customized advice sharing based on our experience and your needs & goals
  • Connect via Facebook private group
  • Access to Fit Client app, trackers, progress reports, photos and reminders
  • Expert Chat ad resource access
  • Evaluations, solutions and alternatives
  • Support from our team
  • Weekly conference call with all group members with post-access to recorded call
  • Motivation & Inspirational emails, chats and consults
  • Helpful tips, recipes and referrals.
  • Scheduled shopping trips for nutritional education (per request)
  • Home workouts with as needed customization
  • Video tutorials
  • Nutritional Phone meetings weekly/meeting consults and recommendations
  • Customized vacation, injury specific and modified workout solutions
  • Access to Sudor Taino’s online videos and You Tube Channel

*Applies to any individual having completed at least one challenge and who has current meal plan. This group is private and only its members can see its content. All rights reserved by Sudor Taino.  This is a month to month contract and can be cancelled at any time.
Please note that Customized Training and Personal Nutritional consults are also available for enhance your goal toward a healthier you!
Sudor Taino’s Nutrition Programs are co-headed by Kate Mitchell and the Owner Karla Medina.  Together they have refined a complex program that truly works. Kate has been a part of Sudor Taino’s energy since its conception and has been the driving force behind its structure and foundation.  Sudor Taino’s ideology prompted Kate to become a AFSA Certified Sports Nutritionist to support herself and others through the daily rigor of making healthier food choices.  Kate is also a Beachbody Coach and is constantly investigating new food trends in order to curtail Sudor Taino’s Nutritional Programs.  Together they are credited with leading many successful Monthly Challenges, New Beginnings Programs, Nutritional Consultations and Daily Nutritional Coaching Groups.  Many of our clients have seen anywhere from a 10 pound to 80 pound weight loss within our nutritional challenge programs within in a short period of time.  To purchase go to Mindbody online and select Membership & Passes, then select services – Contracts. 



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