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melSudor Taino Group Fitness changed my life…l’ve always enjoyed working out. I join a couple gyms, did classes, took up running, I even joined a summer bootcamp at one time. A few years ago I joined Karla’s fitness studio Sudor Taino thanks to Melissa Perez for encouraging me to try it after hearing such great things and seeing personally how it impacted her life. So I decided to joined when I felt mentally ready. It was one of the toughest challenge I had ever put my body through. My body started to changed but the scale and my clothe size stayed the same. This and Karla made me realize that I had an unhealthy attitude toward food. I wanted to break out of this and see results so in April of 2015 I joined my 1st Little Black Dress Challenge. I then came to realized that my biggest challenge wasn’t exercising or pushing my body to do things that where out of the regular but changing my eating habits by eating clean. It was very had at times and even frustrating making me want to give up but I had a great support system and to my surprise the weight just started coming off from 3 to even 7 pounds a week. I even won the challenge. I did it for two months. I could not believe that the key to me losing weight was by just changing the way I ate while incorporating excercise. I was enjoying a different body and more healthier me but went right back to my old eating habits and barely exercised making all the weight come right back on. I joined the LBD Support Group in the beginning of September (currently on my third month) with a clean slate, positive attitude and ready to commit. I opened my pallet to new foods, designed my own home workouts to do in addition to attending the studio while doing assigned challenges at times. I stayed focused and consistent. This time around I became more involved with the process really understanding and respecting the time, thought and energy that K&K along with the instructors put into this program to help me and everyone who needs it. Consistency is key. You have to want it, do it, feel it and own it…and that’s exactly what I did ❤ Thank you…Karla for inspiring me to find my strength & love myself from the inside out…you just get me TQM. Kate Nutritionist for your guidance and support. Rachael Mischke for being my support system and never letting me quit. Carli Kilcomons Sarah Mangiafico Kim Farrell and all my beautiful Vibe Tribe Sisters you are all amazing beyond words.

Melanie Cruz

IMG_7915Before I joined Sudor Taino, I was down and out because of my weight; I lost myself but worst of all my inner beauty was destroyed! I was at the lowest point in my life, I had almost given up and was considering surgery. However, Karla asked me to give her 30 days and if in those 30 days I didn’t see any results then I should consider it. I joined Sudor Taino August of 2012 and here I am, 3 years later and thiner than I was in my 30’s and 6 sizes smaller! The classes are intense, inspiring and invigorating! Whether you do 30 minutes or the full 2 hours of the assortment of classes, trust and believe you will feel it!! When I first began working out I couldn’t even hold a plank for more than 15 seconds! I couldn’t even do a push-up! Today is a different story! The motivation these women share with all of us is incredible! I have seen my gradual transformation on the outside but most importantly, I’m in love with the transformation from within! I joined my first challenge in 2013 in which I gained the knowledge of combined healthy eating habits and proper exercise you fuel the body and make many transformations. I recently joined my 2nd challenge on November 28th because I knew that it would jumpstart the motivation I had lost during a trying time this past summer. I joined the LBD challenge and in 30 days I lost 15lbs and 10.5 inches. Once again I just needed this challenge as a reminder that this is a lifestyle change not just a quick fix! Sudor Taino isn’t your typical workout studio. It’s a phenomenal place; a place where women support and empower each other. Sudor Taino is a Sisterhood like no other! All I can say to those that haven’t worked out with us, is come try a class for yourself! I promise you, it will change you!

Melissa Perez

IMG_2164I started Sudor Taino about two years ago. Within those two years I‘ve participated in several challenges to help with my weight loss and self-esteem. I have worked hard to make these pounds shed off, but I couldn’t have done it without the help of our amazing leaders Karla Medina, Nutritionist – Kate Mitchell and our amazing instructors at the studio. I have learned so much from each one of them through this amazing journey – from eating healthy and clean, to knowing how many times to eat a day and performing different workouts throughout the week. It takes a lot of discipline and willpower, but you can do anything you put your mind to. I am happy to share with you all that I am just 3 pounds from reaching my ultimate goal as I have had many small ones along the way. I also want to mention that Karla Medina you are a God sent spiritual person that has taught me so much. I am so glad that God chose you to cross my path. Words can’t even express the way I feel about this time and place in my life. The support group is amazing!!! Look good feel good!

Julia Chacon

IMG_2163I have completed two consecutive Challenges and, as you can see, the results are apparent. When I began the first 6 week Challenge I believed that I had “ok” definition and that my workout would be the focal point. Well, 2 weeks in I realized that my relationship with food was a key factor and equally, if not more, important than all of the hard work I put in at the studio. These Challenges have helped me to change my eating habits and patterns. I have always been a compulsive overeater, but I can honestly say that I have learned to eat to live. Something I never thought possible! I remained in the personal Challenge because I wanted to continue to be accountable for a little while longer and to contribute my experiences and support to the next set of Challengers. I am most grateful for the knowledgeable feedback and support from Karla and Kate, their tough love and motivation help make these Challenges so effective. The support from other Challengers is more inspiring than anything I’ve ever experienced.~peace

Sheila Coleman

IMG_2161My overall experience both with the challenge and studio time has been remarkable. Words can’t capture my gratitude for the support and second chance at life! Today I understand my own power and have an abundance of knowledge regarding clean eating andstaying healthy, thanks to the challenges. I have formed great relationships with women that are strong as me! Hungry for fitness, thirsty for health! I vividly recall being at the studio about a month ago and having an amazing workout. At some point my soul cried, I felt the emotions brewing within my spirit, it didn’t come from fear however, it was a silent cry of Triumph!!! I had won! I was no longer going to be defeated by myself, I had changed in that moment. Every instructor, the nutritionist, and members have impacted my Journey and carried me when I couldn’t carry myself. With Love 

Maribel Santana

photo (1)When I started at Sudor Taino in 2012 it was prior to the biggest day of my life, my wedding. Like all brides, I wanted to look good for pictures. This dose of vanity is what drove me to the studio, but it is the energy and motivation that I received when I first walked through the door that has kept me there. One month before my wedding I participated in the personal body challenge thinking I could lose that pesky five pounds that everyone wants to lose and I ended up losing 13 pounds and more inches than I ever thought I could! Shortly after my wedding I was blessed to find out that we were expecting our first child. My journey through pregnancy was incredible, but with that journey came 40 pounds. I shed the first 20 pounds shortly after having my daughter, but the last 20 were not coming off without a little help! I decided to take what I had learned in the previous challenge and apply those eating and fitness habits to my daily lifestyle and I am proud to say that in three months of participating in my own personal challenge I have lost the 20 pounds and feel better than I ever have. Joining Sudor Taino is not just about working out, it is about embracing a way of life. The Sudor Taino team is committed to each of our journeys and reminds us all that to experience positive change you must look from within.

Jessica Poulin

zamilI can’t even begin to say how much Sudor Taino means to me and Karla , Sarah and Carli are truly blessings to me. I walked in 1 Saturday morning to try a class and left with so much hope for myself I could not wait to come back on Monday. I knew it wouldn’t be easy but I also knew it would be worth it! In Feb I was a size 18 feeling bad about myself and by August I was a 10 and happy and healthy! ! Now Sudor Taino is a part of my life and so are all the members of our Vibe Tribe! I’m a Mom of 5 and have a full plate just like everyone else but joining Sudor Taino is the best decision I made for myself in a long time.

Zamil Oquendo

I have everything I need, my family, my job and good health. My day would not be complete though if I didn’t have that physical challenge to keep me on my toes.  That’s where Sudor Taino comes in. I am smiling now.  I think everyone that says Sudor Taino automatically smiles.  It’s an incredibly awesome feeling.  There are many locations that offer different trainings but you can’t find the people and the talent that you will see here.  Nope!  Sudor Taino we see talent, we are challenged, we see performance, and feel strong energy/vibe (I get the chills).  It’s almost as if Karla has laser eyes that scans your body and mind, she knows what to say to you and do with you. She can sense when you are having a stressed day.  She works us to the end pays attention to each and one of us.  Sometimes it feels like we can’t any more until we here her say “don’t give up! Stay with me!! We are almost there!!!” You get it all with wonderful inspiring group of people; nutrition advices, recommendations and modified workouts when needed.  She believes in her clients.  Testimonials are there in words and in person.  I love how I feel when I leave the studio.  Talk is cheap, but actions speak out loud.  Karla doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk!  🙂

Ana Rodriguez

I started taking classes with Karla 5 years ago and from day 1 I was hooked. I have always loved her energy but when she opened her own studio in 2012 is when I really got the full Sudor Taino experience. This is a place where you will be challenged yet loved, sweaty yet sexy & pushed yet empowered.

Jessica Jones

I have been searching for a class that will inspire me! That will lift me up when I’m down. I can work out and don’t care if the world is falling apart. This class is like no other, the trainers are amazing and most importantly they are very passionate in what they do. That makes a huge difference. I don’t live close to the studio at all but I definitely don’t mind the drive. Try it once you will be addicted with the feeling you get after class. You may get there feeling blaaahh, believe me you will leave there felling like a million bucks.. do the challenge the results are amazing… I LOVE MY SUDOR TAINO FAMILY.

Evelyn Mena

Sudor Taino is my second home. However, the one place where I completely feel myself. I can let go and loose myself in the music. The teachers know just when we need support in class and give it. By far my favorite thing about Sudor Taino is the network I have created with the other woman there. We support each other through sweat and tears. It’s the real deal.

Amanda Silvestre

Karla is the best, she challenges you to do stuff you never thought you could, without me going to her classes for over two years now I would have never attempted to run/walk two Hartford marathons and finish an during those run/walks I could her voice in my head saying you can do, it is not how your start it is how you finish, finish strong.

Betsy Filbert

The energy at Sudor Taino is contagious! All the instructors are positive & enthusiastic; You are having so much fun grooving to the beats you forget you are working out!

Jillian Culver

Sudor Taino makes each workout challenging, creative and fun! The staff is enthusiastic, energetic and professional. Thank you for your support and dynamism.
Keep on going!

Kelly Ramos

Karla and the staff she surrounds us with are therapy for your soul and boot camp for your body. There is nothing like Karla’s energy and once you experience it, you wonder how you lived without it.

Daniella Wilde

As a working mom with a newborn baby, a toddler, and a husband taking college courses at night, my schedule is very limited. I have made it a priority to schedule in a few classes a week at Sudor Taino because I leave there feeling positive and energized. The instructors truly care about you, the classes are so much fun, and the environment promotes self-confidence and optimism…it truly is a unique and amazing experience.

Amy Lavoie

Sudor Taino is a place where you not only find truly amazing instructors, but the room is always filled with positive energy and inspiration. It feels like family and there is always someone there to pat you on the back and keep you encouraged! Although I have only been part of the group for a short period of time I have gained a tremendous amount of knowledge, I’ve gotten stronger and I’ve learned to find peace with in!

Salvatrice Aresco

Sudor Taino was best decision I made for me mentally, physically, and emotionally. I used to work out on my own. I did several routine exercises except that didn’t seem to give me what I was looking for. Until One day I received a card for couple free classes offered by Karla and her Team. OMG!!! The different classes that is available are perfect. They target every part of your body. Karla nailed it! When I walk through the doors I feel a great sense of happiness, peace,and joy. It’s like whatever negative energy you have, goes away the minute I walk into Sudor Taino as if there is something there that block the negative energy from entering there. I love the energy and the positive environment. Since I joined this team, my body has changed so much, I feel stronger, energized and most importantly I am smiling!!! The wonderful feeling when people tell me I am toned nicely, and how great I look is priceless. Thank you Karla.

Ana Rodriguez

I’ve known Karla for 5 years and in that time she has taken me from a person who thought she was fit, to someone who can accomplish feats must people in my age group cannot.  Her energy is like no other and she can get you to dig deep to connect with your own. After being in any of Karla’s classes I assure you that you will never want to be without them, or the connection with the Sudor Taino vibe tribe. They are all fantastic! Kudos to Karla, Carli, Sarah, Kim and Jeannette!

Jo Ann Angell